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Adding a protective coating on your glasses confers several benefits, such as making opthalmic lenses more robust, longer-lived, and easier to maintain. With Eye Decide we offer excellent finishes that also aid in filtering unpleasant light sequences which reduces dazzle as well as enhances contrast. However, it is important to get the right finish to achieve the best effect!

Our products as a standard are finished to have a robust hard layer, water resistance and repellant properties, and in addition are easier to clean with cleancoat. Yet the premium products go even further beyond this; using optimised nanotechnology they are further hardened, multi-layered super anti-reflection offers excellent transparency, and with the antistatic as well as water- and dirt-repellent porperties these products take the step beyond what is expected.

Clear+ also offers great vision with outstanding contrast enhancements and discreet blue-violet residual reflection for a more natural light pass-through. Additional Protect and Back Protect options can allow for better comfort of vision with UV reflection reduction.

Glasses are finished, and that means at Eye Decide we can offer you a product that not only is a step beyond yesterday's option, but also meets tomorrow's demands.


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