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Empowered by the developments in the optical industry, we can offer the following technologies in all our lenses. We certain that you can offer your customers the best on the market through us. 100% custom lenses specifically tailored for the chosen frame, with a vast selection of nanocoatings.


The ultimate hue for golf sports, Colours are appear completely natural and the green's contours are particularly clear. Comfortable hues even on cloudy days.

Best with materials in 1.6 or 1.5 in a medium brown-yellow around 10% to 65%.
Blue Blocker


A hue which filters out the blue light, giving a high degree of sun and dazzle protection. Improved contrast and optimal sight comfort.

Blue Blocker brown 65% is the preferred solution on a light sunny or cloudy day. 75% is excellent for sunlight in both summer and winter, with high contrast reproduction. 85% is perfect for outdoor activities in general.


Bedst til materialer på 1,6 eller 1,5 og kommer i 15% gul, med mulighed for Clip Night-Sight som kan bruges mere fleksibelt.

Night-Sight is developed especially for driving at night, protecting against blinding dazzle from headlights and offers contrast against the low ambient light. The up to 15% yellow hued lenses makes it quicker to register objects, and optimizes clarity especially well at twilight, at night, in wet and snowy weather, as well as fog.
Par iført hatte og solbriller
Transitions Signature Gen 8


Lenses that are clear both indoors and at night, outdoors they automatically adjust to the shifting light levels to offer the ideal shading. This newest generation of Transitions® lenses with automatic colour shift also reacts to indirect sunlight, as well as reduces the harmful partial blue light indoors with ca. 20% and ca. 87% outdoors.

Best with materials in 1.67 / 1.6 / 1.5 / 1.53 and are crystal clear by default.

Transitions® XTRActive™

To go the extra mile is XTRActive™. Starting at 11% gray, unlike GEN 8™, when they react to UV light and visible light an adjustment to 50% or up to 90% gray automatically occurs; achieving similar shade to traditional sunglasses.

These lenses offer good comfort outdoors and are particularly suited to driving, as it can achieve up to a comfortable 50% at 27 ° C even behind a windshield.
Transitions XTRActive


Polarizing lenses that give are non-straining on the eye despite an excellent contrast and hue. They filter light reflected off smooth surfaces well, and minimise the dazzle. The best protection on sea and land.

Best with materials in 1.67 / 1.6 / 1.5 and are available in 85% brown, gray, or green as well as 89% brown.
Balanced Light Control


The technology is integrated in the lenses and filters high energy shortwave in the light spectrum (from 380 to 450 nm). Up to 40% of the blue light is filtered out whilst the more important, and useful for sight (450 nm and up), passes through to the eye. A special blue light filter absorbs particularly better than more common treatments. Furthermore, BLC® includes a 100% UV-protection which shields against damaging UV light. BLC® options are available in the index of 1.67, 1.6, and 1.5.
For those seeking a little more style is mirrored lesnes, from the lightly reflecting Silver-Sight to the full reflection Ice-Sight, or something more in-between such as Mirror. Available in a variety of colorus is Mirror in red-orange, green, and blue. Ice-Sight offers blue, silver, and gold. Silver-Sight is in a beautiful silver, typically starting with an inherent shading up to 85% gray.

Best with materials in 1.6 or 1.5.



A very mild mirror reflection for those seeking both stile, but only a touch of reflection. With Rosé in 80% gray and 40% rosa, Gun in 85% green, and Bronze in 75% gray which will not obstruct your crystal clear vision.
Mirror Sun Light
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