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Business strategy, sales, and eyewear is my passion! As a successful business owner myself I am dedicated to my enterprises, and finding pathways to success for my company which also elevates the optical industry with high quality products at reasonable prices.

My greatest strength is being decisive and finding solutions proactively to complex issues, developing new products as the market and culture shift, but also engaging directly with other businesses or customers. My company is my passion, but I also enjoy playing music in my free time and networking with others to establish a stronger community where I live.

Key areas of experience include: Sales, communication and Account Management. Experienced in developing Customer Service strategies with key accounts and distributors. Developing product ranges (design, development and manufacturing) for B2B and B2C customers within different industries such as FMCG/consumer goods and services, telecom, etc. Product Sales Management and business development for new products. Brand building activities including launches, packaging, promotional materials and campaigns to meet the needs of each category.

Expertise: B2B & B2C management and sales, sales, business management, optical lenses and frame production, communications, account management, customer service strategies, product range development, cross-industry operations, brand building, marketing and campaign promotion, public speaking, music, and more.

+45 2134 3083

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