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Designer Daniel Hechter has built a reputation for infusing his work with classic elegance and distinctly French style. Hechter is best-known for ushering in a paradigm shift by bringing designer fashion into everyday wardrobes in 1962. At the time, the idea that coveted pieces from Paris fashion runway shows could be affordable to everyone was nothing short of revolutionary. The driving force behind Hechter’s aesthetic was what the French call “Savoir-Vivre,” which roughly translates into “knowing how to live.” This quintessentially French attitude is marked by getting the best out of life, embracing creativity, open-mindedness, impeccable taste, cosmopolitan living, and elegance – all of which also run deep in Daniel Hechter’s design DNA. With roots in Paris, one of the world’s fashion capitals, the brand has been an advocate and global ambassador of Savoir-Vivre for decades.

Since 2009, designer Bernhard Schwarzbauer has been tasked with distilling the underlying aesthetic into Daniel Hechter’s eyewear collections. Over the years, the brand’s eyewear has been driven by quality, lifestyle, and influences from fashion. In the bigger picture, the emphasis lies on fashion that is, most of all, wearable in an everyday context, true to the brand’s roots in Prêt-à-Porter instead of avant-garde. “In a world of fast-paced change, the Daniel Hechter brand offers the certainty of always being well dressed. This makes the brand authentic. Fashion from Daniel Hechter offers strong trends rather than short-lived superficial hype,” says the brand philosophy.

Models in Daniel Hechter’s 2017 eyewear collection combine carefully appointed styling with comfortable wear. Thin-framed, delicate acetate and metals – including the material TR 90 – support exact lines and curvatures in extremely lightweight frames. Almost all of the collection’s models feature hinges “Made in Austria“ by Redtenbacher, which can also be replaced individually. All sunglasses are equipped with super anti-reflective back coating to reduce glare and irritation. As a special feature, all sunglasses frames can also be fitted with prescription lenses. And while we are on the subject, this season’s optical collection dazzles with classic styles in luxe colorways such as Honey Havanna, Smoky Jade, Mango, and Indian Red. Meanwhile, the shapes are equally inspired by hand-picked examples of the finest eyewear designs, brought into the here-and-now with that extra dose of Savoir-Vivre.

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Daniel Hechter model DHS 139 color 6

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